Packaging Boyhood

Packaging Boyhood

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Player. Jock. Slacker. Competitor. Superhero. Goofball. Boys are besieged by images in the media that encourage slacking over studying; competition over teamwork; power over empower - ment; and being cool over being yourself. From cartoons to video games, boys are bombarded with stereotypes about what it means to be a boy, including messages about violence, risktaking, and perfecting an image of just not caring. Straight from the mouths of over 600 boys surveyed from across the U.S., the authors offer parents a long, hard look at what boys are watch ing, reading, hearing, and doing. They give parents advice on how to talk with their sons about these troubling images and provide them with tools to help their sons resist these mes sages and be their unique selves.As wea#39;ve seen, TV cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, and The Simpsons make it their business to set up bumbling dads, ... In the movies, stars like Jack Black and Will Ferrell often play lovable losers who arena#39;t really men but adolescent boys. ... we see that they didna#39;t get where they are because they worked hard or deserved it, but through Daddya#39;s favor or money. ... Like Ron Burgundy, Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights is a buffoonish narcissist, raising his sons to be just like him.

Title:Packaging Boyhood
Author:Sharon Lamb, Ed.D., Lyn Mikel Brown, Ed.D., Mark Tappan, Ed.D.
Publisher:Macmillan - 2009-10-13


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