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PACS: A Guide to the Digital Revolution, Second Edition, fills an incredible need by explaining the technological advances associated with the transition of radiology departments to filmless environments. The editors are leaders in the field of medical imaging and they provide insight into emerging technologies for physicians, administrators, and other interested groups. Chapters address key topics in current literature with regard to the generation, transfer, interpretation, and distribution of images. This new edition has been updated to include: 1. An overview of the latest medical imaging standards; 2. A discussion of security issues as they relate to PACS, especially regarding HIPAA; 3. An introduction to current information on PACS workstations, including the impact of new software and hardware on radiologists; 4. An updated explanation of data storage and compression that highlights how advancements are applied; 5. A section on how PACS influences research and education.... digital mammography display, 368 in irreversible (lossy) compression, 233 Trojan horse, 317 U Ultrasound, image compression, 242 Undo, ... 475 Thick client application, 253 Thin client application, 253, 404 Thin-film-transistor (TFT), 212a€“213 3-D imaging, 447a€“463 ... 449a€“450 cost of service, 458a€“460 image compression limitations, 243 imaging service staffing, 457a€“458 insurance reimbursement, anbsp;...

Author:Keith J. Dreyer, David S. Hirschorn, James H. Thrall, Amit Mehta
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-04-07


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