Pain Through A Child's Eyes

Pain Through A Child's Eyes

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This book is based on a true story of the life of a child who became the victim of cruel circumstances that led to years of rejection, pain, heartache and abuse. Her blue eyes saw more in her young life, than most see in a lifetime. She felt she would always be a product of her past and could never see any way to a brighter future. Shame and disgrace had taken a toll in her young life, heart and soul. She had lost all hope from the pain and struggles at such a tender young age that she contemplated suicide on many occasions. Her life seemed to be spiraling down a slippery slope of no return. Each day she stared in a mirror at a pale reflection of emptiness that gave her no reason to live or have hope for a brighter tomorrow. Her heart wrenching home situation of abuse, lack of love, insecurity and turmoil drove her into a deep anger that almost destroyed her life. Her world was shaken and turned upside down and she felt there was no one she could turn to for help or advice. Yet, something deep inside continually nudged her along the way to continue her fight for survival. It took an extreme amount of energy to push the mess of life and the tears of rejection and abuse out of sight in order to maintain her sanity. The longing in Joycea€™s tender heart for a better tomorrow was a driving force that would keep her from abandoning all hope. a€˜Pain Through A Childa€™s Eyesa€™, is a story that will touch the very core of your heart and bring tears to your eyes, as you feel in your own heart the pain her blue eyes and heart encountered.At Decoration, Deborah and I would get to sample foods we didna#39;t have on the farm. There was table after table covered ... Somehow, I always seemed to go for Grandma Smitha#39;s delicious homemade banana pudding. Everything about it was anbsp;...

Title:Pain Through A Child's Eyes
Author:Joyce Turner
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-02-07


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