Palm Computing For Dummies

Palm Computing For Dummies

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Discovering the power of Palm computing is one of the most liberating experiences in the world of computers. You may not believe that you can become so wrapped up in a little block of plastic, but once you figure out how to use this tiny hand held device, your life will never be the same. Whether youa€™re interested in using it to create, save, and read important documents or just to organize your contact list in a compact, digital form, youa€™ll appreciate the handy and portable way that Palm computing allows you to access all types of information. If you want to start using a Palm device, but dona€™t have the time or knowledge to do so, Palm Computing For Dummies is for you. This easy-to-understand guide can help you if You plan on buying a Palm organizer and want to know what it can and cana€™t do You already own a Palm organizer and want to get the most out of it You want to give the right Palm organizer as a gift Youa€™ll find out how to operate a variety of Palm models a€“ from the Palm III and Palm IIIx to the Palm V and Palm VII a€“ alone or with a desktop or laptop computer. Palm Computing For Dummies also covers the following topics and more: How to a€œwritea€ information into your Palm using the stylus Setting your personal preferences Mastering the built-in organizer functions Time saving shortcuts and options Using essential Palm functions , such as writing memos to yourself , filling in your contact list , and setting your schedule Determining the easiest way to move data back and forth from your organizer to your desktop or laptop Discovering the wide worlds of Beaming, HotSyncing, and Palm Mailing The booka€™s bonus CD-ROM a€“ which is sure to boost the power of your Palm a€“ is stacked with useful software , ranging from financial tools to fun and games. The simplicity and flexibility of Palm computing has enabled millions of people to gather and disseminate information on the go. If you want to find out how to choose the right Palm, pick applications to run on it, and purchase the correct accessories, Palm Computing For Dummies is the right book for you.If youa#39;re used to the more elaborate rules and filters in your desktop e-mail program, you can have your desktop computer do ... enable you to set up a signature, so why not use signatures on the messages you create with your Palm device?

Title:Palm Computing For Dummies
Author:Bill Dyszel
Publisher:For Dummies - 1999-08-25


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