Panic Attack

Panic Attack

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An intruder, a desperate struggle, a family under siege: This is Jason Starr's most provocative and suspenseful novel to date. Dr. Adam Bloom has the perfect life. He's financially secure and lives in a luxurious house with his wife, Dana, and their twenty-two-year-old daughter, Marissa, a recent college graduate. Late one night, his daughter wakes him up and says, qSomebody's downstairs.q Adam uses his gun to kill one of the unarmed intruders, but the other escapes. From that moment on, everyone's life in the Bloom household will never be the same. Adam doesn't feel safe, not with the other intruder out there somewhere, knowing where he lives. Dana suggests moving, but Adam has lived in the house all his life and he doesn't want to run away. As the family recovers from the break-in and the Blooms' already rocky relationship rapidly falls apart, Marissa meets a young, talented artist named Xan. Adam feels that something's not quite right with Xan, but his daughter ignores his warnings and falls deeply in love with him. When suspicious things start happening to the Blooms all over again, Adam realizes that his first instinct about Xan was probably dead on. With Panic Attack, Jason Starr is at his best, crafting a harrowing page-turner that will blow readers away.This wasna#39;t necessarily the most productive way to express anger, but sometimes it was necessary. a€œYoua#39;re going to have to calm down, Dr. Bloom.a€ a€œCalm down? How can I calm down when you wona#39;t even give me enough goddamn Valium?

Title:Panic Attack
Author:Jason Starr
Publisher:Macmillan - 2009-08-04


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