Paper Boy

Paper Boy

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Leaving the majestic Rocky Mountains, her husband and home, Frances was seeking solace in a dream job as a part-time landscaper and full-time author with a free place to live just one-half block from Coronado Beach. She will find herself caught up in a deadly game that is perpetrated by a man who has been dead for over a year. The man's base of operation is across the street from where Frances lives and he listens to her conversations and watches every move she makes. The killer sees himself as a messenger of death and secretly delivers newspapers to Frances who in turn is expected to connect the dots and figure out what the clues mean so that the killings might end. It is without remorse that Ted executes his diabolical plan. The murderer is on a mission and in each phase of his operation he targets young lovers-except for his final prey.Her lifestyle as a sober vegetarian, make that a sober picky vegetarian, never ceased to amaze him, what a boring existence. ... It was only an eight-unit complex so there were no security cameras in the garage and no one noticed him cominganbsp;...

Title:Paper Boy
Author:Lucy LeDoux
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-02


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