Parakeets And Budgies – Raising, Feeding, And Hand-Training Your Keet

Parakeets And Budgies – Raising, Feeding, And Hand-Training Your Keet

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I have owned parakeets (also called budgies or keets) since I was a tiny toddler. I have photos of my pregnant-with-me-mom's parakeet (named Gandalf), so she owned parakeets even before I was born. Sometimes I've had four parakeets, sometimes just one, but in one way or another parakeets manage to wiggle their fluffy ways into my heart. This book is a compilation of my years of experience, not only with my own parakeets, but also with helping the tens of thousands of parakeet-loving visitors who come to my parakeet forum. Between the group of us we've probably experienced everything there is that could happen to a keet, good or bad. There is information on choosing a parakeet, feeding a parakeet, and full step by step instructions on hand training your parakeet. You can learn about parakeet activities, parakeet toys, and parakeet socialization. While the web is of course an awesome resource, often there are times that it's simply easier to read an organized, sequential set of instructions on an e-reader. Also, it seems that web access goes down during emergency situations! Having an ebook version of those qwhat to doq instructions available on your e-reader has saved many a keet owner. Think of it as part of your emergency care kit for your beloved pet. If you have any questions, always feel free to email me! I'm happy to lend a hand with keets. Enjoy!That way if the roads become impassable forsome reason you dona#39;t have to worry about goingout to getmore. Dona#39;t letyour food run down to the dregs beforeyou go to get more.Always ... Use hand fans if necessary toadd some breeze. Makeanbsp;...

Title:Parakeets And Budgies – Raising, Feeding, And Hand-Training Your Keet
Author:Lisa Shea
Publisher:Lisa Shea -


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