Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

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An unusual 8000 year old Pyramid is discovered below the desert in Iraq. The Pyramid is found to be emitting a powerful electromagnetic field, a specialist team are called in to investigate this, headed by Rick Taylor an agent of the National Security Agency and EMF specialist, Dr Sam Amos a cryptologist and ancient language expert and Professor Joanne Simons a renowned Pyramid specialist. They could not imagine that this discovery would transport them into another parallel time and space dimension. They are entrusted by an ancient advanced civilisation that has existed without our knowledge on the Earth for over 20, 000 years, to deliver a message to the world's governments that they must cease the experiments in the ionosphere that are threatening the survival of both worlds. The mission puts their lives at risk by bringing them into conflict with the financiers of these atmospheric experiments, a very powerful Global Organisation that manipulates governments in their goal to establish for themselves a new world order. Not knowing who they can trust their investigation takes them from Iraq to the Pentagon, then to the HAARP facility in Alaska and to New York, in their search for evidence of an active secret experimental research facility on Long Island. The members of the United Nations General Assembly meet to consider an offer of free clean energy from the Parallel World in return for accepting certain conditions. The lives of the world's heads of state are saved at the last minute when the ambassadors from the Parallel World detect and disable a nuclear device planted below the United Nations Building. This event is the catalyst that brings to justice the Global Organisation and senior members of the United States government supporting them including the President.An unusual 8000 year old Pyramid is discovered below the desert in Iraq.

Title:Parallel Worlds
Author:John Hunter
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2011


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