Part-Time Wife

Part-Time Wife

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I need a wife! If only Homer hadn't broken Ran Masterson's antique vasea€bbut the devoted mongrel wasn't to know that his mistress couldn't afford to pay for the damage, except by offering her services to the new owner of Kendrick Hall. This would have been fine if he hadn't demanded that she be his wife for the night! Pandora had a choice: she could either play house or pay up, and she reckoned that masquerading as lady of the manor for twenty-four hours couldn't be worse than owing Ran thousands of pounds. She didn't know then that sharing Ran's bed was part of the bargaina€b. qJessica Hart has a great gift for story-tellinga€bI never want to miss one of her books!q a€”Rebecca Wintersa#39;But make sure you dona#39;t stand with the light behind you, or Ia#39;ll be able to see right through it! ... bed is morethanbig enough for two ofusand I dona#39;t see whyI should spendan uncomfortable night on the sofa just becauseyou wona#39;t believe Ia#39;mnot panting after your body. ... She couldna#39;t stretchout properly either, and had to try and arrange herself around the bumps, but it was impossible to get comfortable.

Title:Part-Time Wife
Author:Jessica Hart
Publisher:Harlequin - 2011-07-15


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