Parthian Stranger 6

Parthian Stranger 6

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Jack and the coach stood beside him on the sidelines out from Varfolomeya€™s view as he readied the weapon, and dialed in the scope, across from him, three others did the same. After the chant, Jack ran out onto the field and shook hands with Jamal, and the game started, as a sense of security was among the players, as Varfolomey was watching his prey. Jack was running all over the place, as Varfolomey shot, no muzzle flash as he silenced the barrel the round was diverted into Jacka€™s back and to the magnet. Jack didna€™t feel a thing, as he just kept on going, as Varfolomey said, a€That should have been a head shot.a€ Varfolomey adjusted his windage while the others were waiting a reaction to Jack falling, instead of the muzzle flash, which they could detect a heat signature. Tad saw what he was looking for, a single round off, and in that instance spoke a voice in his ear piece, a€œUpper deck next to the second window, top righta€, Tad, readied himself, aimed and fired, the bullet went into Varfolomeya€™s heart, as the bullet proof vest kept it from total piercing, but he did feel it, as Varfolomey squeezed off another round, this time Jack felt it and he went down.Miss Hohlstein ran this information on her IBook, to see thatit was indeed hisbiological mother, and that his last name was ... recorder onplay, to hear, a€œWell Iwas born, in Seattle Washington, and then, from theearliest time, wemoved everyyear.

Title:Parthian Stranger 6
Author:Stewart N. Johnson
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-12-02


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