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Participation is a journey with a man trying to change the way Americans feel about September 11, 2001, and the military who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Based on true events, a former soldier who connects honor in serving his country with future economic growth to help communities and neighborhoods by designing the park of all parks after serving one year in Iraq. The stories found in this book can help a person unlock the doors to personal success from life experiences. With no training, a soldier creates a model park in a project like no other park in American history to honor a family he has known for half his life. In the midst of working on the project and helping his brother with his inventions, he uncovers a few skeletons on this journey. Fighting PTSD from serving in Iraq, dishonest individuals in the military, and homelessness, he discovers a plot over twenty years old with his brother as a target, with possible murder coverups, missing persons, broken state and federal laws to take a product that could gain control over a twelve-billion-dollar market. Mr. Hamiltona€™s military training comes in very handy with the help from unknown places and old friendsa€”their motto a€œWe serve to honor, we honor to serve.a€ First-time author John Morgan Hamilton opens a world most people dona€™t talk about. In a four-books series, Participation introduces a man, a father, a soldier, and the battles he had to face for honor fellow falling Americans.MY BACK, looking up at the ceiling, not able to move and not knowing if I wanted to move with a burning feeling in my eyes. The feeling came from a bright light of some sort as I tried to shake my head to clear my vision. ... There was two structures in the midst where to lights seem to be coming from so I set up, to get a better view but I couldna#39;t look directly at them because the lights from it was too bright, anbsp;...

Author:John Morgan Hamilton
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-08-11


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