Particles at the Semantics/pragmatics Interface

Particles at the Semantics/pragmatics Interface

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This book elucidates the nature of the semantics / pragmatics distinction in both synchrony and diachrony and proposes a definition of semantics and pragmatics that is orthogonal to the question of truth-conditionality. A corollary aim of the study is to propose an account of how and why erstwhile pragmatically-determined elements of meaning may, in the course of time, become semanticized.Revue Romane, 23(1), 36-46. Nunberg, Geoffrey D. (1978). The Pragmatics of Reference. Indiana University Linguistics Club, Bloomington, IN. Nunberg, Geoffrey, Ivan A. Sag and Thomas Wasow. (1994). Idioms. Language, 70(3), 491- 538.

Title:Particles at the Semantics/pragmatics Interface
Author:Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen
Publisher:Elsevier - 2008


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