Parting the Cosmic Veil

Parting the Cosmic Veil

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This book describes our gradual awareness of a vast, previously concealed Universe. It is a story of expanding horizons and the discovery of invisible worlds. This voyage of discovery is presented within universal themes, such as invisibility, motion, content, form, impermanence, violence and emptiness, beginnings and ends. These are topics that concern us all, helping us take the Universe personally, so each chapter begins with the human aspect of some of these themes. The book is additionally broadened by including the perceptions of artists, poets and writers, as well as with line drawings that forcefully compact a scientific insight.Nevertheless, small things can have a big effect. Although it is exceedingly thin, the solar wind is powerful enough to mold the outer edges of the Eartha#39;s magnetic field into an asymmetric shape, like a teardrop falling toward the Sun. We resideanbsp;...

Title:Parting the Cosmic Veil
Author:Kenneth Lang
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-12-31


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