Partner Earth

Partner Earth

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A well-respected herbalist describes how opening ourselves to the spirit forces of nature can promote personal well-being and restore a healthy relationship between humanity and Earth. The pace and demands of modern life have caused a great split between the material and the spiritual in our lives. Our bodies reflect this through fatigue, depression, and chronic illness. To become whole beings again, the author asserts that we must reclaim our birthright as partners with all of creation, opening ourselves to the spirits of plants, animals, and the elements, known as devas, through whom we can bridge the gap between the physical body and the energetic patterns that support all life. Partner Earth provides a wide range of practical exercises, based on traditional wisdom, visualizations, and the author's experience as an herbalist, that enable one to create sacred space, find plant and animal allies, and create flower essences that can help heal the rift between individuals and their environment.Cover and let steep for two hours. ... You can make a poultice for external use by chewing on a fresh flower and applying it to the skin or by soaking dried flowers ... Flowers have been used cosmetically and for their pleasing scent for centuries.

Title:Partner Earth
Author:Pam Montgomery
Publisher:Inner Traditions / Bear & Co - 1997-10-01


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