Passionate about Pizza

Passionate about Pizza

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Have you tried making pizza before, but were unsatisfied with the outcome? Do you have trouble achieving that wonderful, chewy-crunchy crust that you get at a pizzeria? Have you made good pizza, but find that you are unable to do it consistently? Have you looked at pizza cookbooks and baking stones in the store, but did not have the guts to try making pizza, yourself? Worse yet, do you have a pizza pan or a pizza stone that is sitting in your cupboard gathering dust because you have never made a pizza that is good enough to justify all the effort. Passionate About Pizza: Making Great Homemade Pizza is what you need!Think of the best pizza you ever had. Do not you wish that you could have that pizza again, maybe even all the time? If you are lucky, you can get that great pizza locally.However, if you are like most people, you just cannot seem to find the great pizza you want. If you live on the east coast, there are not very many Chicago-style or California-style pizzerias around. If you have moved away from New York City (or even upstate New York), you can only find great New York-style pizza in your memories. Well, if you cannot buy it, you can certainly make it. If you can buy it, you can certainly make one that is better! With a little practice and a little guidance from this book, you can make pizza better than any pizza you have made before. It will be better than any store-bought or restaurant pizza you will ever find. Moreover, your homemade pizza will be great, every time.Making Great Homemade Pizza Curtis Evan Ide ... Preparing Stored Dough for Use Your dough has been stored for some time and you are now ready to use it. ... Refrigerated pizza dough will continue to rise while it is in the refrigerator.

Title:Passionate about Pizza
Author:Curtis Evan Ide
Publisher:PassionateAboutPizzaCookbook - 2009-07-01


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