Passionate, Patriotic, Poetry 9/11

Passionate, Patriotic, Poetry 9/11

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This is a volume of poetry for the world to remember and read to their loved ones about the day when suicide hijackers crashed two planes, one into the east twin tower and another into the west tower of the World's Trade Center; thereafter, other hijackers crashed a plane into the pentagon, and another was stopped short by heroic passengers before it could hit the Presidential White House which was its intended target. May the souls of the victims and their families be remembered as they are honorably lifted up by Poets-World-Wide! All revenue raised will be paid to The Firefighters FundThe facts behind these buildings being destroyed are still a subject of debate. The two planes flying ... It is believed by many that it took high active explosives to do that. Could the maintenance staff that entered the buildings have been demolition experts? How long was the events that accrued on that day. 70 Six Years Agoanbsp;...

Title:Passionate, Patriotic, Poetry 9/11
Author:Daveda Gruber, Poets World-Wide - 2009-09-24


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