Pastor Paul and the Not-So-Sweet Revenge Mystery

Pastor Paul and the Not-So-Sweet Revenge Mystery

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Pastor Paul McGill, with his wife and daughter, contentedly settled down in a small, rural, Central New York community surrounded by wooded hillsides. They enjoy coming to know their friendly, sometimes quirky neighbors, until late one summer when the angry, vengeful attitudes of some residents begin to ferment to the surface. Pastor Paul and the Not-So-Sweet Revenge Mystery invokes the feeling of the British Midsomers Murders transplanted to the rolling hills of New Yorka€™s Finger Lakes region. It is easy to get involved as Pastor Paul tries to uncover who is bringing sickness and death to his peaceful valley. With the help of his wife, who acts as his personal a€œDr. Watson, a€ and his close friend Doc Wimbley, the local medical examiner, he unsnarls the tangle of clues and suspects to find the person set on revenge. Pastor Paul reflects the authora€™s decades of experience ministering to rural church communities. The dynamics of building and maintaining familial relationships are felt throughout the story, even as they join together to protect their community from harm. Pastor Paula€™s teenage daughter, Melissa, gets involved in the drama, establishing some unexpected friendships along the way. Many of the characters in this story learn valuable lessons about the importance of supporting one another. Rather than focusing on a€œblood and gore, a€ this story examines the hurts and fears that motivate someone to compromise their values and cause them to injure the lives of others. Join the narrative as Pastor Paul locates the vengeful killer.The house was not well cared for with peeling paint and a front gutter hanging askew at the corner of the roof. There were two ... old Ford pick-up truck. They walked up the stairs to the front door and knocked not expecting anyone to answer.

Title:Pastor Paul and the Not-So-Sweet Revenge Mystery
Author:Curtis P. Carter
Publisher:Inspiring Voices - 2014-06-30


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