Pattern Matching Algorithms

Pattern Matching Algorithms

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Issues of matching and searching on elementary discrete structures arise pervasively in computer science and many of its applications, and their relevance is expected to grow as information is amassed and shared at an accelerating pace. Several algorithms were discovered as a result of these needs, which in turn created the subfield of Pattern Matching. This book provides an overview of the current state of Pattern Matching as seen by specialists who have devoted years of study to the field. It covers most of the basic principles and presents material advanced enough to faithfully portray the current frontier of research. Because of these recent advances, this is the right time for a book that brings together information relevant to both graduate students and specialists in need of an in-depth reference.... representing the substring of size m starting from position j , first compute all prefix products for the matrix representation of the text and call them fj-. Then compute the inverse of each TJ; the inverse exists since each 7} is a product of invertible matrices. ... However, there is a problem with the algorithm described above.

Title:Pattern Matching Algorithms
Author:Purdue University Alberto Apostolico Computer Science Department, and Dipartimento di Electronica e Informatica Universita di Padova, Zvi Galil Department of Computer Science Columbia University
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1997-04-30


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