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qCommon sense, economics and qHRq: how to pay Billions of people throughout the world are paid for their work. This book was written to demonstrate why they earn what they earn and, in doing so, to help them understand how they can earn more in the short-run and even more in the longer-run. There are many ways pay is determined across a wide variety of organizations from for-profit firms, to nonprofit organizations, to government agencies. By the time you finish reading this book, you will know how a well-run organization takes its overall strategy and converts that into a system for properly paying people. Then, you can apply the lessons in the book to your own organization and take actions that can lead you to earn moreq--The Safelite Glass case study (LaZear, 2000; Hall, Madigan, and Lazear, 2000) describes a famous example where a ... install replacement Windshields a time rate (paying the employa€” ees per hour) to a piece rate (paying by the windshield anbsp;...

Author:Kevin F. Hallock
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2012-09-17


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