Pay Day

Pay Day

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One little ticket is about to change their lives. . . but is it for better or for worse? When the office lotto pool lands the winning ticket for four friends, each will embark on journeys that change their lives forever. After years of stringing her along, Terrance has reluctantly married his longtime girlfriend, Sheray. . . just days before winning the lottery. Now, that hea€™s a rich newlywed, the former playboy is dreaming of what life woulda€™ve been like as a rich bachelor. When the money drives a wedge between them, Sheray leaves and Terrance learns the hard way to be careful what you wish for. Angelique has been overweight since she was young. Despite her insecurities, her boyfriend, Marcus, gives her his love and affection without reservation. When she uses some of her winnings to get weight loss surgery, her new body and new attitude gets her some new attention, and could cost her the man she loves. After twelve years of marriage, Janinea€™s husband announces that hea€™s leaving her for another woman. When she realizes he could possibly get a portion of her prize, she devises a scheme to keep it from him. But when her plan backfires, will she lose it all? Raquellea€™s life has just been turned upside down when shea€™s caught embezzling money, which she started doing to support her sick son. With a boss bent on making her pay, Raquelle is facing hard time and about to discover there are some things her lotto winnings cana€™t buy...or can it? With a bitter former coworker lurking in the background, these friends are discovering their big payday will definitely change their lives...just not in the ways they expected.a€œHea#39;s going to be just fine, a€ I assured her, stroking her long, box braids. She leaned down and ... Her voice cracked as she said, a€œGet better and I will.a€ He forced a ... a€œThey have to get you in there and get prepped, then Ia#39;ll be right in. I love you.

Title:Pay Day
Author:ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Richelle Denise
Publisher:Brown Girls Publishing - 2015


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