Pediatric Otolaryngology

Pediatric Otolaryngology

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The 5th edition of Pediatric Otolaryngology carries on the traditions of the previous editions and will be the standard reference tool for fellows wishing to train in the specialty, given that the current standard of training requires knowledge in laryngotracheal reconstruction, congenital airway anomalies, or-facial anomalies, speech and voice disorders, head and neck, and diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. All the latest developments in the field are covered in the book.... include metals (especially nickel and chromium) present in earrings, rubber or plastic used for earmolds or ear phones, solutions or sprays used for hair care, and insecticides or herbicides. ... Such insults include acupuncture to the pinna and ear jewelry placed higher in the scapha and helix. Piercing with contaminated equipment or improper hygiene predisposes the ear to perichondritis and cellulitis (Fig. ... This typically takes the form of blunt trauma or a fall directly on the ear.

Title:Pediatric Otolaryngology
Publisher:PMPH-USA - 2014-01-30


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