Peer Instruction

Peer Instruction

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Presents an entirely new approach to introductory physics within a calculus-based conceptual and a mathematical framework. It offers an approach to presenting the material that is more gradual than existing books on the subject. Peer Instruction: A User's Manual develops the full conceptual framework of each chapter within the first section of that chapter while addressing questions common to that topic. The material in this section concentrates on the underlying ideas and paints the big picture, whenever possible without equations. The second part of each chapter then develops the rigorous mathematical framework linked to the material presented in the first part. Each chapter also includes a short set of qualitative, conceptual questions at the end of the first section designed to strengthen the focus on the conceptual framework and facilitate understanding of the mathematical framework. The book is written in a lively, engaging style that anticipates the questions readers will have, articulates them, and answers them in a direct dialogue with the reader. MARKETS: A valuable reference book for anyone desiring an understanding of physics as it relates to engineering and science.They sit in identical office chairs facing each other. Student A places his bare feet on the knees of student B, as shown. Student A then suddenly pushes outward with his feet, causing both chairs to move. During the push and while the students anbsp;...

Title:Peer Instruction
Author:Eric Mazur
Publisher:Addison-Wesley - 1997


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