Peer-Led Team Learning

Peer-Led Team Learning

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The second edition of Peer-Led Team Learning General Chemistry maintains the underlying philosophy and approach of the first edition, i.e., active learning in peer-led groups engages students in the process of learning chemistry. This engagement results in improved understanding of chemistry concepts and the process of science. The peer-led group model also helps students develop the communication and teamwork skills that are critical in the twenty-first century workplace.(Source: 1995 Saturn Owners Manual, p. 33). The reaction that occurs is 2NaN3( s) a€”agt; 2Na(s) + 3 N2(g) How many grams of sodium azide are needed to produce 40.0 L of nitrogen to fill an air bag at a pressure of 1.30 atm and a temperatureanbsp;...

Title:Peer-Led Team Learning
Author:David K. Gosser, Mark S. Cracolice, Victor S. Strozak
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2005-03-01


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