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When an unwed mother is abandon and gives birth to her new born twins, with HIV she goes on a obessive search to find the man who affected her.But every path she ventures down, looking for him only leads her back to it. It s finally after learning the values of friendship and self-determination, that she locate him, and the local hoetown people are united in supporting rather than destroyng each other.Backlick said, a€œLet me walk you out, I dona#39;t want you to fall, and I need to put your carrying bag in the car so when its time to go to the hospital, I wona#39;t forget.a€ Backlick helps Starr ... Backlick walks over to his car, pops the trunk open and dumps her bag out with his clothes in it into his bag. He closes the car trunk and walks away, not realizing that he has dropped his money with a rubber band around it on the ground. ... Starr Foxx said, a€œPastor Get All are you here? ... Pastor , hea#39;s not far.

Author:Marion Plummer Scott
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-07-23


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