Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening

Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening

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The when-to and how-to schedule for growing, caring for, and maintaining your Keystone State garden! Never garden alone! The Month-by-Month Gardening series is the perfect companion to take the guesswork out of gardening. With this book, you'll know what to do each month to have gardening success all year, from January to December. It's full of the when-to and how-tos of gardening along with richly illustrated step-by-step instructions, so you can garden with confidence. Reap the benefits of the gardening qexperimentsq and experience by authors Liz Ball and George Weigel. With a fresh look and updated information, Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening includes all the when-to and how-to information that has made these books so popular over the years, presented in a new, easier-to-use format with more full-color photography and the most current information available. Complete with specific advice on growing flowers (both annuals and perennials), bulbs, grasses (both lawn and ornamental), roses, groundcovers, shrubs, trees, and vines, this book is one no garden lover will want to miss! In the winter, certain tasks are needed to plan for and improve the next growing season. And once things really start growing in the spring and summer, you'll find advice on the best way to get the most beautiful flowers, the lushest lawns, and the sturdiest trees. From planting to watering and fertilizing, and from maintenance to problem solving, Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening shows all levels of gardeners the best practices to grow satisfying and rewarding results.Newly planted perennials and groundcovers are particularly prone to heaving during alternating winter freezes and thaws. ... Take care not to gouge into wood on the main branch or trunk. ... If heavy snow is weighing down your yews, boxwoods, rhododendrons, hollies, and other evergreens, ita#39;s usually best to do nothing.

Title:Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening
Author:Liz Ball, George Weigel
Publisher:Cool Springs Press - 2015-04-25


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