People of Skies

People of Skies

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Hyperinflation, massive unemployment and chronic fuel shortages, which make black market petrol the most valuable commodity in the land, should be enough to kill Zimbabwea€™s government stone dead. However, its redoubtable president, Robert Mugabe, is not so easily daunted, especially since he has the police, the army, and the fearsome Green Bombers, national service men and women, at his disposal. Ndlovu, a menial worker in a funeral parlour, is an ordinary man with an extraordinary plan who discovers how to make the moribund economy and death work for him. His motley crew of cohorts and hangers-on help him a€˜borrowa€™ bodies from his work, so they can impersonate bereaved relatives unable to afford the services of undertakers who are transporting their deceased loved ones to remote rural homes. As a€˜do-it-yourself undertakersa€™, this entitles them to as much petrol as they need, which they sell on the black market. Ndlovua€™s scheme never runs smoothly, especially since he enlists the support of a€˜mada€™ Archie, resident lunatic and notorious dissident. Inevitably, Ndlovu and his gang fall foul of the state security apparatus, and they are victimised by a particularly powerful member of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) who wants in on their scheme. It is only a matter of time before political turmoil and the absurdity of the everyday life catches up with them.The extractor fan slowed, its blades wobbling due to its worn bearings, and most alarmingly of all, the embalming ... My boy, the mortuary will stay cold for a long time. This building is old and its walls are thick. Besides, truthfully speaking, bodies dona#39;t rot that quickly. ... Ia#39;m sure he will do the same again if necessary. Nowanbsp;...

Title:People of Skies
Author:Jeremy Wohlers
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-08-31


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