People Training for Good Dogs

People Training for Good Dogs

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Imagine your reaction if your childa€™s friend grabs the remote control of the TV you are watching and changes the channela€”and then later, does it again. We instantly recognize this behavior as wrong and correct it. When humans break dog rules and they correct us, we ignore our insubordinate actions and default to a€œblaming the dog.a€ Former animal officer Melissa Berryman has witnessed how devastating the effects societya€™s entrenched beliefs regarding dog behavior and temperament can bea€”that good behavior can be purchased, that an ownera€™s handling ability doesna€™t matter, that human behavior and the situations in which the dog is placed are insignificant. Berryman shows how analyzing situations and contexts can stop the cycle of preventable incidents. Written with humor and compassion, People Training for Good Dogs offers insight into the impact that human behavior and understanding have on our relationships with dogs. By working with core canine social and behavioral drives, Berryman provides owners with sound techniques that focus on safety and can help protect their liability in todaya€™s world. a€œThis is the new Bible for all dog owners. a€b It will truly help you have the best relationship with yours and all dogs!a€ a€”Katie Riopel, dog trainer and host of Katie K9What Breeders Dona#39;t Tell You and Trainers Dona#39;t Teach Melissa Berryman ... Because of the pervasive romantic view of dogs, society thinks a a€œgooda€ dog would never bite someone in its own family. ... Do not misunderstand; all bites are unwanted events, but biting is not abnormal behavior or the sign of a a€œbada€ dog. As noanbsp;...

Title:People Training for Good Dogs
Author:Melissa Berryman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-03-06


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