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PEREGRINATIONS is an autobiography of one of the Davis boys, believed to be descendants from a long line of pig thieves exiled from Wales as indentured servants to Virginia in the New World. This story begins with the Grandparents of the author and the Oklahoma Land rush followed by the exodus from the poverty of the Great Depression. It continues into and through World War II and up to the present with Tom just into his ninth decade of life, alive and angry at the disaster elected officials and liberals have foisted off on unsuspecting citizens.2-man pup tents were put up and then struck (taken down) because the field first sergeant was dissatisfied with the alignment. ... Each shooter had his assigned . 30 caliber model 1903 Springfield rifle. ... push the bolt forward placing a round in the chamber and then putting on the safety and await further instructions.

Author:Tom Davis
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2006-08-30


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