Perfect For You

Perfect For You

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Seventeen-year-old Meg Flannigan isna€™t very self-confident, but what girl would be after her sophomore-year boyfriend dumped her by making out with another girl in front of her locker? Now a senior, Meg catches the eye of not one but two guys at school. They vie over her attention, and both are gorgeous. Sounds good, right? Not if one of the guys is her boyfriend and the other one wants to be. Meg doesna€™t want to lose Ash. Theya€™ve been together for almost five months, and shea€™s falling in love with him. But Noah. Ah, Noah. Hea€™s the irresistible guy Meg has been crushing on for two years, and Meg isna€™t ready to send him away either. But if she strings both along, she might be the one left in the cold.Suddenly, Ia#39;m sixteen again, watching Derrick and Stacy make out in front of my locker. God, I hate freshmen girls. ... the TV playing some video game that involves shooting everyone and everything in sight. Ugh. Grayson hates video games.

Title:Perfect For You
Author:Ashelyn Drake
Publisher:Kelly Hashway - 2015-03-11


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