Perfect Horizon Softcover Edition

Perfect Horizon Softcover Edition

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The world of the 2160s is a different place, rife with mega-corporations, political machinations, lawless outlands, powerful mecha, and genetic engineering gone out of control. The clouds of a new world war are gathering in the distance, as every corner of the globe clings desperately to the last vestige of what makes up its way of life. Civilization struggles to retain what makes it human, while the engineered nation of Neutopia strives to control it all under the watchful eye of its flawless society. Is this truly a perfect horizon? This second edition of the Perfect Horizon cyberpop setting has been revised and updated for the new Paragon, HDL Second Edition rules, and includes expanded cybernetics and technology rules, extended world timeline, and all new character options. To use this book, players also need the Paragon Universal Role-Playing Game rule book, and each gaming group needs a set of Paragon Cards (sold separately).Narrator. Theme The Perfect Horizon game setting presents a myriad of possibilities for game themes. The universe has ... The goals of the players might simply be to make money or see the world. Many games ... Second, there are countless ways to hinder a hacker; see the various software programs in Chapter 3. A quickanbsp;...

Title:Perfect Horizon Softcover Edition
Author:Sean Boyle - 2014-03


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