Performance Cycling

Performance Cycling

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A user's guide to the most cutting edge knowledge in cycling science. If you're a keen cyclist but want to know more about the science behind the bike, this is the book for you. Get the practical application of this knowledge to give you the performance edge and put you ahead of the peleton. Performance Cycling: The Science of Cycling is written by world renowned cycling authors alongside scientists working at the cutting edge of cycling research. Learn about: the latest training methodologies; how to implement pacing strategies; optimising nutrition; how to effectively set up your bike; and how to mentally prepare for optimal performance. Whether you are a novice or pro cyclist, Performance Cycling is the essential user's guide to guarantee you reach your full potential.Normalised power: An estimate of the power that you could have maintained for the same a#39;physiological costa#39; if your power had been ... Peak power output: The highest 1-second power output achieved during a sprint test. ... Within this period the body replenishes muscle glycogen and phosphate stores, replaces and repairs muscle protein, and removes lactic acid and other metabolic byproducts.

Title:Performance Cycling
Author:James Hopker, Simon Jobson
Publisher:A&C Black - 2013-05-30


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