Performance Optimization: Techniques And Strategies

Performance Optimization: Techniques And Strategies

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Slow loading times break the user experience of any website a€” no matter how well crafted it might be. In fact, it only takes three seconds until users lose their interest in a site if they don't get a response immediately. If another site happens to be 250ms faster than yours, then users are more inclined to switch to a competitora€™s website in no time. Web fonts, heavy JavaScript, third-party widgets a€” all of them can sum up to become a real performance bottleneck. Nevertheless, tracking that down does not only improve loading times but also results in a much snappier experience and a higher user engagement. In this eBook, wea€™ve compiled an entire selection of front-end and server-side techniques that will help you tackle such bottlenecks. Find out how to speed up existing websites, build high-performance sites (for both mobile and desktop), and prepare them for heavy-load situations. Furthermore, youa€™ll learn more about how performance improvements and a 97a€“99 Google PageSpeed score were achieved on Smashing Magazine, as well as how optimization strategies can enhance real-life projects by taking a closer look at Pinteresta€™s paint performance case study. With the help of this eBook, youa€™ll notice that ita€™s high time to dig deeper into your own site and examine it closely. Why dona€™t you polish it up and make it even better than it already is! TABLE OF CONTENTS: - Improving Smashing Magazinea€™s Performance: A Case Study - How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website - You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy - How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices - Creating High-Performance Mobile Websites - Dona€™t Get Crushed By The Load: Optimization Techniques And Strategies - Speed Up Your Mobile Website With Varnish - Cache Invalidation Strategies With Varnish Cache - Gone In 60 Frames Per Second: A Pinterest Paint Performance Case StudyIn Varnish terminology, when you configure Apache as your Web server, youare configuring aa€œback end.a€ Varnish allows youto configure multiple back ends. So, you ... Before starting, check that Apache is serving your website as expected.

Title:Performance Optimization: Techniques And Strategies
Author:Smashing Magazine
Publisher:Smashing Magazine GmbH - 2014-09-24


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