Perfumed Cargo

Perfumed Cargo

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a€œHe threw another vexed look at the third man sitting motionless in his chair and wondered what was going on under his mask. He took a deep breath. Time for the knockout blow.a€ STILL NOT FULLY over the death of his American fiancee, Detective Sergeant Scobie Tierney must now also deal with the retirement of his good friend and boss Superintendent Clancy following his own wifea€™s death from cancer. He and the new superintendent clash from day one and Scobiea€™s handling of an investigation into the trafficking of women becomes a very contentious issue between the two men. Scobiea€™s lack of respect for the rule book is an anathema to the rule-quoting new superintendent, and very soon it becomes obvious that one of them wona€™t survive the clash. Drinking more than ever, Scobie sets out to establish a case against an Eastern European man whom he suspects is the main man behind the operation which sees young girls and women transported illegally from their own countries and then sold into prostitution in Ireland. When he and two new recruits fall foul of the mana€™s English wife over a minor car parking incident, all three are targeted by the man for punishment. As Scobie delves further into the mana€™s operations, he becomes a bigger target and soon he has Eastern European heavies hot on his trail. Apart from selling the women to brothel owners, the Eastern European has one very special client with a penchant for black girls - an elderly retired industrialist with powerful connections. His facade of respectability hides a deviant personality which is allowed free rein on the unfortunates who end up in the hidden dungeon in his isolated big house. When two sisters escape, Scobiea€™s determination to expose all involved with the insidious operation is increased significantly when he hears of the abuse the two girls have suffered. In addition, a local woman needs his help in getting maintenance from her husband who has abandoned her and their children and run off to England with his new male lover. As everything spirals to a head, Scobie must call on all his expertise to bring the traffickers down. With his colleagues convinced that he has left himself too exposed to censure from the top, Scobie must rely on an old friend and ally. With the Eastern Europeans threatening his life and the new superintendent his career, Scobie is walking a very precarious line. He might be no tightrope walker but hea€™s by no means a clown either, and it will take more than the heavy fists of thugs and the nit-picking of his boss to stop him doing what he does best.And hadna#39;t he enough to be worrying about now without her constant whining in his ear! Sure it was a worry but there ... show up at any time.a€ Maria Stannitch took another nervous pull on her cigarette and blew out the smoke without inhaling.

Title:Perfumed Cargo
Author:JP Burke
Publisher:Paragon Publishing - 2014-11-21


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