Perk Avenue & To Catch a Latte

Perk Avenue & To Catch a Latte

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Perk Avenue Patricia Knoll Grab a cup and sit a spell Lainey Pangburn has one thing in mind: make a go of her coffee bar. Seems simple enough, but not in Calamity Falls! Her chief competitor, Gabe Camden, crashes his car through her shop and steals her heart. His excuses aren't worth a hill of coffee beans. And then things get really bad, as the small-town eccentrics turn up the eccentricity, while Lainey's up to her neck in chocolate cake. Much to her chagrin, it's Gabe to the rescue in more ways than one, but that's not even half of what's brewing in these parts! To Catch a Latte Jennifer McKinlay Stop that espresso! Annie Talbot's coffeepot has been turned upside down. Her cafAc is declared a front for a money-laundering schemea€band the FBI suspects she's the thief! So now her sexy new tenant is sifting through her coffee grounds looking for the real culprit. Agent Fisher McCoy is so distracting, her lattes are steaming over and she's thinking crazy thoughtsa€blike marriage and happily-ever-after.Didyou make this?a€ a€œOf course.a€ He cut a bite for himself and chewed thoughtfully as ifgauging theflavors.a€œNot bad.Ia#39;ve been working onit fora while.a€ It suddenly dawned onher that she was sampling his entry in the Great Chefsa#39; Showdown.

Title:Perk Avenue & To Catch a Latte
Author:Patricia Knoll, Jennifer McKinlay
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-12-17


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