Persona 3

Persona 3

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Gekkoukan High: Where Slaying Demons Gets You College Credit. You're the new kid at your boarding school, but you and your dormmates have a secret. Your Personas allow you to wield untold powers, and to stay awake during the mysterious twenty-fifth hour of the day, when demons go on the prowl. The screts of the Dark Hour can be found somewhere within the labyrinth called Tartarus, if you can survive long enough to reach its end. In Persona 3, every decision counts and every day could be your last. Go in prepared with this exhaustive guide. Sometimes... high school really is hell.CHIDORI. ARCANA HANGEDMAN DATE 11/22 HP SP Strength Magic Endurance Agility Luck 250 ? 28 28 28 28 28 Slash ... Marakunda, Mamudoon, Tetrakarn, Mind Charge, Masukunda, Agidyne, Matarunda, Maragidyne, Spring of Lifeanbsp;...

Title:Persona 3
Author:Iaian Ross, Thomas Hindmarch, Elizabeth Ellis
Publisher:Onionbat (formerly DoubleJump) -


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