Perspectives of Stem Cells

Perspectives of Stem Cells

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Stem cells are fascinating cell types. They can replicate themselves forever while retaining the potential to generate progeny with speci?c functions. Because of these special properties, stem cells have been subjects of intensive investigation, from understanding basic mechanisms underlying tissue generation, to modeling human diseases, to application for cell replacement therapy. Stem cells come in different forms. For example, mouse embryonic stem cells can general all cell types in a body, either in a dish or when put back into mouse embryos. On the other hand, neural stem cells in the adult brain generate neurons and glia cells that contribute to the braina€™s plasticity. Rapid progress has been made in the stem cell ?eld with discov- ies published in a record speed. A quick Pubmed search has returned 2789 hits for a€œembryonic stem cellsa€ and 815 hits for a€œadult neural stem cells/neurogenesisa€ in the year 2008 alone. It remains a taunting task for all who are interested in stem cells to keep up with rapidly accumulating literatures. The a€œPerspectives of Stem Cellsa€ by a truly international team of experts provides a timely and invaluable highlight of the stem cell ?eld gearing toward future therapeutic applications in the nervous system. Stem cells with neural potentials have attracted a lot of attention because of their promise for cell replacement therapy, ranging from degenerative neurological dis- ders to spinal cord injuries.The hypothesis that L1 activity is responsible for a€œfine-tuninga€ neuronal wiring waves requires the merger of different fields and may ... Cavalier-Smith T (1991) Intron phylogeny: a new hypothesis. ... Devine SE, Boeke JD (1996) Integration of the yeast retrotransposon Ty1 is targeted to regions upstream of genes transcribedanbsp;...

Title:Perspectives of Stem Cells
Author:Henning Ulrich
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-01-14


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