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Annabelle Elliot will always think of Rick Wentworth as the one that got away, the only man she ever loved. But Ricka€™s vision of their future together threatened the one that Annabelle had been working towards her entire life. Allowing her friends to persuade her to end it had definitely been the right thing to doa€bhadna€™t it? When Rick turns up at her office ten years later, Annabelle is dismayed to learn that the fate of her company, the company shea€™s given up everything for, now rests squarely on his shoulders. The only way shea€™s going to get out of this is to work with Rick. Successful, talented, gorgeous Rick, whoa€™s threatening to stir up emotions Annabelle thought shea€™d long since banished. Rick, who clearly hasna€™t forgiven her for their shared past. But the more time she spends with him, the more Annabelle realizes just how much shea€™s had to sacrifice for her success. As the threat against her company grows and the people she trusts most start to turn their backs on her, Annabelle is faced with her biggest choice in ten years: Will she allow herself to be persuaded to settle again? Or could this be her second chance at love?He very carefully set his beer can down on a coaster and stood. a€œWhy didna#39;t you tell me? You always said youa#39;d made friends at school and you were happy. Kids were teasing you? Making you feel bad about money?a€ a€œIt wasna#39;t really like that, anbsp;...

Author:Rachel Schurig
Publisher:Rachel Schurig - 2015-03-29


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