Pervasive Design For Sustainability - Convolute

Pervasive Design For Sustainability - Convolute

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This book contains the knowledge an interaction designer should know about sustainability. Relevant design research is discussed and framed in a story- and valuebased participatory approach. Sustainability is the most important design goal. This is the first message. A second message is that information technologies, and in particular pervasive computing are invaluable keys in the quest for sustainability. The third one is that there is a lack of knowledge on sustainability issues in the interaction design community. A unique meta-level framework structures an extensive discussion of design for sustainability. The framework is based on a principle of justice that is complemented by circumstances for sustainability chosen from the perspective of interaction design. We suggest and present the following circumstances: limited shared resources, socio-technical components and structures, technology development, vision and reflection, cognitive and behavioural support, joint ventures and political action. Topics discussed within the circumstances include Experiences, Ethics, Latoursa€™s modes of existence, Design fiction, computer games, Futures studies, theories for reflection and behavioural change, Personal informatics, Practice theory, and Multi level perspective. The convolute concludes with a number of case studies where interaction design research is summarized and studied from the perspective of sustainability. We start out with thoughts on sustainable consumption, sustainable character, and the sustainable family that gets a section each. Adding to them are annotated case studies from research on design fiction, game and performance, value based design, practice theory, multi-level perspective design and design for a sustainable society. The book is a polyphonic convolute which means that there will be some overlap reported from the different discourses. Development in the areas related to interaction design can be sensed by identifying the surfacing themes. In total the book consists of the equivalence to 525 pages including references and index. A compressed version can be found in the companion volume a€œPervasive design for Sustainability a€“ ExposAca€. The exposAc is available at Google play and Amazon.comDrawing using pen and pencil is immediate and the tools are readily accessible, but sketching can also be done using video, images, collages ... Using video is one way to visualize that interacting with a system is a dynamic process.

Title:Pervasive Design For Sustainability - Convolute
Author:Håkan Gulliksson
Publisher:Videoiterna -


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