Petrescue's Amazing Dog Stories

Petrescue's Amazing Dog Stories

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Every dog has a tale . . . This uplifting collection brings together over 100 original stories of canine survival, loyalty and unconditional love. These dogs have overcome troubled backgrounds to bring joy, companionship and adventure to the lives of their new families. There's Fudge, who braved a house fire to save his owner; Barnaby, Australia's saddest dog, who conquered severe agoraphobia after being mistreated; the tale of a real-life Milo and Otis; Dusty's special bond with his eleven-year-old best mate; and Sasha, the three-legged assistant ambulance driver. There are also stories of doggie heroics, quirky skills and friendships that were just meant to be. PetRescue keeps tails wagging by helping over 25 000 dogs each year find their new best friend. These stories come from volunteers, vets, as well as pets' adopted families and show how relationships with dogs can enrich our lives.Vickie Davy. bring awareness to the importance of desexing. It is widely known that leaving a female dog undesexed greatly increasestheirrisk of mammaryorbreast cancer, and inmale dogs, testicular cancer.This had nearly cost Lily herlife.

Title:Petrescue's Amazing Dog Stories
Author:Vickie Davy
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2011-09-28


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