Philosophy and the Many Faces of Science

Philosophy and the Many Faces of Science

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This collection of original papers by an international group of distinguished philosophers of science impressively demonstrates the links among the philosophic points of view, areas of focus, and methods of treatment used in examining the many facets of scientific inquiry. It will be an indispensable collection for philosophers of science and scientists of various disciplines, including physicists, neuroscientists, and psychologists.At his disposal was a recently discovered mathematical theorem. Theaetetus ( 415P-369 B.C.) found that there are only five regular convex polyhedra: the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. Plato seized upon thisanbsp;...

Title:Philosophy and the Many Faces of Science
Author:Dionysios Anapolitanos, Aristeidēs Baltas, Stavroula Tsinorema
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 1998


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