Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Mind

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Philosophy of Mind: A Contemporary Introduction is a comprehensive and accessible survey of main themes, positions and debates in philosophy of mind. John Heil introduces and discusses the major topics in succinct, user-friendly, self-contained chapters: * Cartesian dualism * Descartes's legacy * non-Cartesian dualism * behaviorism * the identity theory * functionalism * the representational theory of mind * qualia * radical interpretation * the intentional stance * eliminativism * property dualism * mind and metaphysics * the mind's place in nature This revised and updated edition includes expanded chapters on eliminativism, qualia, and the representational theory of mind, and an entirely new chapter on property dualism. There are annotated suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter, updated to include recent material and internet resources.An acquaintance explains that milka#39;s curdling is a matter of its undergoing a particular kind of chemical process. ... 6.3 Self-conscious thought Let us begin by asking, as Descartes does, whether states of mind could be states of the body - more specifically, ... is epistemologically on a par with a doctora#39;s knowledge that you have chicken pox based on the doctora#39;s observation of a rash on your stomach.

Title:Philosophy of Mind
Author:John Heil
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2004


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