Philosophy of Psychology

Philosophy of Psychology

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JosAc Luis BermAodez introduces the philosophy of psychology as an interdisciplinary exploration of the nature and mechanisms of cognition. Philosophy of Psychology charts out four influential 'pictures of the mind' and uses them to explore central topics in the philosophical foundations of psychology, including the relation between different levels of studying the mind/brain; the nature and scope of psychological explanation; the architecture of cognition; and the relation between thought and language. Chapters cover all the core concepts, including: models of psychological explanation the nature of commonsense psychology arguments for the autonomy of psychology functionalist approaches to cognition computational models of the mind neural network modeling rationality and mental causation perception, action and cognition the language of thought and the architecture of cognition. Philosophy of Psychology: A Contemporary Introduction is a very clear and well-structured textbook from one of the leaders in the field.And we are in fact remarkably good at it. We navigate the ... But only a very small fraction of the time do we seem to make explicit use of commonsense psychology . It is ... It is natural, then, to ask what we are doing the rest of the time. Whatanbsp;...

Title:Philosophy of Psychology
Author:José Luis Bermúdez
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2005


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