Philosophy of the Mind Made Easy

Philosophy of the Mind Made Easy

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What do angels think about? Is God a deceiver? How important is happiness? Might zombies exist? Do I exist? Can I survive death? In Philosophy of the Mind Made Easy Deborah Wells considers some of the fascinating questions that have occupied the thoughts of some of our greatest thinkers. And she aims to turn you, the reader, into a philosopher of the mind along the way.Is God a Deceiver? ... if we are experiencing either of these scenarios that (a) we could ever actually know this was the case, and (b) this situation would not be congruent with life itself. ... Yet, even if this is correct, it does not prove that what I experience via my senses is valid and true. ... Therefore, Descartes concluded, God is not a deceiver; so he, Descartes, can trust that which appears clearly to him.

Title:Philosophy of the Mind Made Easy
Author:Deborah Wells
Publisher:John Hunt Publishing - 2011


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