Phins Christmas Elf

Phins Christmas Elf

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Love blooms in the most unexpected places, even in a crowded shopping mall in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada during the Christmas rush. Phina€™s Christmas Elf revolves around the exploits of Phineas McDonald, Phin to his friends, a free lance toy designer who plays Santa Clause every year in order to get new toy ideas. Thata€™s where he meets Juliette (Ahenakew) Rogan. A policemana€™s widow, Juliette is struggling to raise two small children, Mary Rose, age 7, and Michael, age 2, on a clerka€™s salary takes on the Job of Santaa€™s elf to make more money for Christmas. But ita€™s not just a simple matter of one boy plus one girl equals love at first sight. Complications, in fhe form of family, sneak in. Juliettea€™s in-laws, the elder Rogans, are threatening to take away her children. Mac McDonald, Phina€™s recently widowed Dad yearns to return to the home he once shared with Phina€™s mother, in the house Phin now owns and where he lives and works. Hattie Ella Willowbie, the McDonalds long time neighbor and friend is having family troubles, too. Her son, Morley, who lives in Toronto, has over-extended himself on the stock exchange a€“ again-- and is pressuring her to sell her house so he can get his share of the proceeds. Hea€™s got family troubles, too, with a rebellious son and unhappy wife. Hattie Ella finds a solution in Juliette and her children and solace in Mac. Being thrown together to get ready for Christmas, Hattie Ella and Mac rediscover their old liking for each other and nurture it into something much warmer. This odd mixture of people, parents, in-laws, and kids, gets thrown together for Christmas Enter a prairie blizzard that shuts down the city. Add Delia Ahenakew, Juliettea€™s mother, a drunk who abandoned her daughter years ago when she was only a baby. Stir a little booze into the Christmas punch and top off with a careless Grandma who leaves her heart pills lying around for two-year-old Michael to swallow, and you have more of a recipe for disaster than romance. But a frantic trip to the hospital to get Michaela€™s stomach pumped brings Juliette to the realization of what the grandparents are missing and the holidays come to a close with the resolution of old wounds and not one, but two proposals of marriage.Really it is, a€ Phin said, trying to make her feel better. If she quit on him he ... Phin took off his Santa hat and beard and leaned forward. He was ... Gradually the elfa#39;s tears slowed and he noticed a piece of crumpled paper clutched in her hand.

Title:Phins Christmas Elf
Author:Sherrie Tutt
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-06-12


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