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Combining popular appeal with accessibly written entries suitable for research projects, this fascinating encyclopedia provides a thorough introduction to the psychological and scientific aspects of phobias. a€c Provides scientifically grounded, accessibly written content contributed by current leading researchers and clinicians in the area of phobias and anxiety disorders a€c Covers a variety of the most common specific phobias, including fears of spiders, enclosed spaces, snakes, and heights a€c Includes illustrative examples and case vignettes to bring the subject matter to life a€c Supplies comprehensive coverage of scientific and clinical perspectives, with attention to historical, cultural, and popular contexts a€c Enables readers to trace the history, theories, and practices associated with the study and treatment of phobiasfrequently avoided or tolerated with significant levels of fear or distress. ... a certain radius around the home (often referred to as a safety zone), or leaving the house only with certain a€œsafea€ individuals. ... when it is crowded, for fear of being unable to escape in the case of experiencing a panic attack or panic-like symptoms.

Author:Irena Milosevic Ph.D., Randi E. McCabe Ph.D.
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2015-03-03


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