Photographic Accessories 1890-1970

Photographic Accessories 1890-1970

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This book traces the changes in the years from 1945 to 1965 when there were considerable advances in photography and in cameras. At the start of the period most snapshot photographs were black and white contact prints made from box and folding bellows camera negatives; by the end snapshooters enjoyed the simplicity of instant loading cameras, automatic exposure control, built-in flash and colour prints. The interchangeable lens 35 mm camera with coupled rangefinder enjoyed a boom but had finally to give way to the single-lens reflex; 6 cm square twin-lens reflex and folding roll-film cameras grew steadily in popularity until they were pushed aside by cameras taking smaller negatives. Tiny cameras using 16 mm film and half-frame 35 mm cameras were popular for a while whilst the Polaroid instant picture system, launched shortly after the end of the war, went from strength to strength. The post-war period of shortages gave the chance to camera makers in Britain, America, Italy, France and elsewhere to challenge the strong German industry but only until the German industry fully recovered. By then German camera makers faced competition from Japan; by 1965 names such as Nikon, Pentax and Canon, unknown in 1945, had become world-famous. About the author Robert White became interested in the history of the camera whilst still a pharmacy research student at London University in the late 1950s. As well as collecting all manner of cameras, photographic books, accessories and printed ephemera he has lectured, worked as a photographic museum volunteer and written many magazine article.Above right: Electronic flashguns were large and heavy when they were first sold in the 1940s and had to use battery ... Smaller bulbs used smaller reflectors and, to make them even more compact, they were designed to fold up after use likeanbsp;...

Title:Photographic Accessories 1890-1970
Author:Robert White
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2002


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