Photoshop Compositing Secrets

Photoshop Compositing Secrets

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Unlocking the Key to Perfect Selections and Amazing Photoshop Effects for Totally Realistic Composites Compositing is one of the hottest trends in Photoshop and photography today for portrait photographers, designers of all walks of life, and even retouchers. Everywhere you look, from group photos, to school graduation or sports portraits, to magazines, movie posters, and DVD covers, chances are, youa€™ve seen compositing. In Photoshop Compositing Secrets, Matt Kloskowski takes you through the entire process behind creating convincing, well-executed, and captivating composites. Youa€™ll see how to create images that run the gamut from real-world portraits for corporate, graduation, or group photos to sports portraits, templates, and collages, and even the surreal, dramatic composites that clients clamor for. You'll learn: One of the most important secrets to compositing: how to master selections in Photoshop (yes, even wispy hair), What background color, and camera and lighting setups work best for compositing, How to move a subject from one background to another, and the Photoshop lighting and shadowing techniques to make it look real, And all the Photoshop tips, tricks, and special effects you need to pull off a convincing, professional composite. No matter if you're a professional, an aspiring professional, or a hobbyist, Photoshop Compositing Secrets will sharpen your skills and open up a whole new avenue of photographic expression in an easy-to-understand way that will have you creating your own composites in no time.Unlocking the Key to Perfect Selections and Amazing Photoshop Effects for Totally Realistic Composites Matt Kloskowski. edges and sometimes ita#39;s amazing how well it does. It does, though, have two bad side effects, which both affect this photo: (1) it tends to make the darker edges of the hair really bright, like ... aquot;r m WWaquot; Method #3: Dodge and Burn STEP ONE: I usually use the Dodge and Burn trick as a.

Title:Photoshop Compositing Secrets
Author:Matt Kloskowski
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2011-07-29


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