Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy

Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy

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The Technique and Power of CreationqThis is a book of techniques. They are the techniques that I have developed in the creation of my fine art. My art is considered photo-realism because the final product looks like a photograph. As a commercial illustrator, I am commissioned to create photographs of products or situations that can't be photographed with a camera. In most cases, the product does not yet exist. To achieve such a high level of realism, I have developed the techniques I share with you in this book. This does not imply that you will become a photo-realist painter, but you will find that many of these techniques can be applied to many of the imaging problems that can arise in the workflow of anyone involved with the use of images. They are also techniques that might inspire you to explore the outer reaches of your own creativity.q --Bert MonroyThe spokes of the bicycle tires are very thin. The Line tool in Photoshop is limited to a single pixel in width. This is thin enough for most cases, but in this painting, it is too thick (Figure 11). Take into account the antialiasing to make the spokesanbsp;...

Title:Photoshop Studio with Bert Monroy
Author:Bert Monroy
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2006-09-05


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