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This book offers a comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals of solar cells and their use in the photovoltaic (PV) technology, a major constituent of renewable sources of energy. It discusses the nature and measurement of solar radiation, methods for characterization of solar cells and determination of their parameters. The book describes the principle of operation of different types of inverters used in PV systems and also illustrates the design, construction and performance of photovoltaic operated systems such as the solar lantern, solar water pump, solar inverter and a general solar power system. Besides, it explains the process of uploading of power generated by solar arrays to the power grid for onwards transmission to distant locations. The economic aspects of the PV systems and their conventionally operated counterparts are also dealt with. The design procedure given in the book enables the reader to configure the desired PV system without the help of high priced patented software. The text is intended for a course on PV technologies undertaken by the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Electrical Engineering, Energy Studies, and Mechanical Engineering. In addition, the book would also be useful for teachers, scientists, engineers and professionals to quickly understand the fundamentals of photovoltaic technology. KEY FEATURES : About one hundred figures, fifty circuit diagrams and several design examples are given. A large number of problems are given at the end of some chapters. References are provided for further study and research.Finally, the entire battery voltage at 2.16 V per cell must lie near the maximum power point of the solar module at least for small systems like the solar lantern. ... from 4.5 to 40 V [2], can be made using an integrated circuit UC 3906 specially designed for charging a lead-acid battery. ... 1 18 v ADJ 220 PV R1 -_- 12V C1 :_ T Battery \/ 0.1 T a#39; R2 2K2 -l*0 The integrated circuit regulator LM 317 [4] gives an anbsp;...

Publisher:PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. - 2011-09-06


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