Physical Violence against Women in Domestic Situations

Physical Violence against Women in Domestic Situations

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The question of physical violence against women in domestic situations is all about the overlooked or neglected societal problem whereas it causes some unimaginable harm to women. It seems to be the unlawful practice that trespasses the law and goes unpunished in some societies. While the defenders of human rights argue that violence against a human being, for whatsoever reason and under whatsoever condition is a violation of a human right, an assault, a crime, the domestic violence against women seems to slip easily through the net of that universally accepted convention (law). To state this in a clear language, one can simply say that violence is an act that is undesirable and unwanted in human dealings be it outside or within the domestic settings. Owing to the fact that the homes as a setting for familial living are hoped to be known for the perpetration and the manifestation of unconditional love among the family members, presumably the place par excellence for human living, how could someone explain the perpetration such an atrocious and abhorrent act be in these places? Many explanatory hypotheses have been stated; sexism, kyriarchy... But whatever the reason behind the phenomenon of domestic violence against women could be, the truth of the matter reminds that physical violence in the homes is undesired and is an assault like any other form of violence, ita€™s dreadful and should be done away with. It is disheartening and disgustful to observe that some women even up today, are still living in fear under the perpetual threats of beats in a place that they dreamed and hoped to be the place par excellence for peace, love and serenity. If the Universal Declaration of human rights states that men and women are born equal in right and dignity, this ideology and the likes are simply unjust and unfair. Nevertheless, if men and women of course are willing, this situation can change and it has to change indeed. The fight against physical domestic violence against women is never a fight of women against men, it is rather a fight of all human beings against some tendencies and ideologies that hinder a peaceful and harmonious living-together both in the homes and in the societies. Therefore, all the competent forces, powers and organisations need to be mobilised to join together their efforts in order to conquer this unwanted but tolerated crime. The relationship between men and women in the homes should not and cannot be based on power control of the partner; violence is simply an act that is uncalled for in human dealings. Men and women need to be schooled both culturally and formally in that regard.The researcha#39;s studies have also permitted to observe that physical domestic violence incidences do not occur often times ... Surprisingly enough, a reporta#39;s survey from the American New Testamenta#39;s scholar Catherine Clark Kroeger and heranbsp;...

Title:Physical Violence against Women in Domestic Situations
Author:Jean-Djosir Djopkang
Publisher:BoD – Books on Demand - 2013-09-26


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